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The Spanish Society of Dual Disorders, an addiction and another mental disorder, is the first scientific Society in the world that has been constituted around this clinical situation.

We have thus given scientific existence to patients suffering from dual disorders, until now denied, rejected and relegated to marginal health devices or to the “wrong door syndrome”.

Advances in genetics, neurosciences and epidemiological studies have highlighted the intimate and significant relationship between addictive behaviors and other mental disorders: dual disorders.

Decades of documented research have not prevented it from continuing to be not only a controversial subject, but also denied, if not unknown by some of the clinical currents that deal with these pathologies, with the correlate of many undiagnosed subjects and without adequate treatment, which has an impact on morbidity and mortality and ultimately in greater suffering for patients, their families and society.

The recognition of dual disorders has created basic needs such as training and teaching, advice from health administrations, but also the need for a common space for professionals involved, to support the concerns and research projects, clinical, teaching etc..

Since 2005, the year of our foundation, many positive things have happened, such as the definitive consolidation of this Society, which assumes the leadership not only in Spain, but also in the Spanish-speaking world at first and since 2008, the year of our first International Congress, a leadership that overflows the language borders.

In 2011 the World Psychiatric Association has created a new Section on Dual Disorders, which is a new step in the international recognition of the need for a differentiated treatment for these patients. In English-speaking countries now prefer to call “concurrent disorders” to the name coined by Professor Casas of Dual Disorders, but no one is unaware of its existence.

The SPANISH SOCIETY OF DUAL PATHOLOGY, all the members that make it up, is a prestigious national and international point of reference, to advise, train, investigate…in short, to provide a service to society.

The recent past of successes leads us to a future of work and continued efforts and I call you all to this task.


This association was founded to achieve following purposes: To increase the study, research and dissemination of Dual Disorders from a bio-psycho-social perspective, Dual Disorders being defined as the coincidence in the same person of an addiction or addictive conduct and another mental disorder, with the priority being to address the concept of Dual Disorders and its future role in the world. In order to achieve these aims, the Association does not adhere to any ideology or seek any objectives other than those described; the Association does not, though, refrain from participating in public life and advocating, as an Association, with regard to those subjects which affect its purposes.

To achieve our purposes, the Association takes the following actions:

  1. Actions related to R&D&I programs, research, development and innovation in the field of Dual Disorders
  2. Actions related to teaching in the field of Dual Disorders.
  3. Actions related to information, promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Dual Disorders.
  4. Actions geared towards the design, planning and management of activities, resources and processes related to Dual Disorders.
  5. Actions aimed at achieving the integration of groups, associations or/and professionals at national or international levels who are working in the same areas of knowledge which constitute the objective of Dual Disorders.
  6. Actions to reduce the double stigma which Dual Disorders create.
  7. Actions at an individual, family or social level in the field of Dual Disorders, giving special attention to socially excluded groups.
  8. To create a ‘live’ platform to serve as a point of reference to Dual Disorder professionals worldwide.
  9. To be the voice and image of Dual Disorder professionals by means of scientific knowledge and information